It speaks for itself.

Marketing and Strategic Partnerships

Launched content-based marketing and strategic partnership programs for a healthcare advisory consulting business that increased engagement by 25% and built strong relationships with hospital CFOs, COOs, private equity investors, attorneys. The result was a platform that resulted in recognition as a leading advisor brand, more qualified prospects, and engagement wins.

Brand Strategy

Developed a branding strategy and activation for an investment research and technology firm that established it as a leading provider of investment commentary among buy- and sell-side investors. Increased media traction by 30% consistently across 35 industry verticals including automotive, financial services, energy, telecom, media, and technology.


On behalf of a not-for-profit, designed a product and marketing strategy for a corporate event and meeting facility. Following extensive market research, we identified dozens of companies to target, developed a tiered pricing model, and a selected an appropriate service mix that enabled the center to create “one-of-a-kind” meetings for companies.

Developed product positioning and messaging strategies for a global financial institution’s launch of a new hedge fund. Designed a website and platform that enabled the fund to accelerate the launch and focus on opportunities without operational hurdles.

Website and Platform

Media Strategy


Established a media strategy for a digital advertising firm increased visibility and uncovered new audiences on social media platforms. As part of the program, we developed audience profiles in industries such as healthcare, automotive, and high tech and drafted customized social messaging that helped exceed client follower goals by more than 50%. 

Instituted a crisis communications program on behalf of a company faced with potential litigation. Working closely with senior management, we developed a messaging strategy and what if scenarios that were instrumental in helping the company resolve the matter with limited adverse impact on its reputation and customer base.   

Crisis Communications

Developed a media relations program for an intellectual property firm that built brand awareness ahead of its initial public offering.

Media Relations

Formed a business development program for a sports and entertainment company that generated $1.5 million in revenues. 

Business Development